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Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change has emerged as one of the leading sustainability concerns of the 21st century. In addition to identifying and reducing emissions, adapting to climate change itself will become increasingly more challenging.

Many businesses and organizations believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not only a responsible action to address climate change, but also an unprecedented opportunity to improve efficiency, lower costs, lessen environmental impact, reduce risks, uphold shareholder expectations and demonstrate public commitment.

We agree.

However, the reality of identifying emissions and addressing the overall issue of climate change can be overwhelming. If you are struggling with taking the first steps or in need of reliable and field-tested expertise to assist in your journey, contact us.

Email: Pathways to Sustainability


We can help you get organized, develop a comprehensive climate change strategy and put a plan in place to meet your organization's needs and uncover areas of potential risk and opportunity.


Use our project and technical experience to compile a high-quality greenhouse gas inventory, inventory management plan and communication plan designed to fit within your climate change and organizational strategies. We can also assist you with voluntary reporting programs, registries, and securing verification of your inventory.


If you are interested in understanding the carbon impact of your product or service, we can help you identify an approach to measure your carbon footprint and formulate a reduction plan that fits into your climate and organizational strategies.


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